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(People of the Grey Snow)


Hi there,

“PokerTribe.com is operated and resides here with us, the Government of Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma within our sovereign nation in the USA, and is regulated by our Business Committee, Tribal Council and Gaming Commission through their adopted technical standards, and other standards, designed to assure public security, compliance and fairness.”

I would like to welcome you to PokerTribe.com and our other online divisions that are fully up and running with website and mobile application capabilities scheduled to launch soon.

Regardless of whether you are in the USA or from anywhere in the world we welcome you to the Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of us all for showing your support to the Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma located in Oklahoma U.S.A, and share with you a little about our wonderful Tribe as we introduce you to our website and shed a little insight on what it is that we have created for you.

We are well aware that there are other options available to you for online gaming, and our tribe is grateful, excited and thankful for giving us a chance to be your trusted online gaming site and fully interactive social network platform in the USA or anywhere around the world.

Our team members at the Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma have dedicated their lives to insuring your success and security while playing on our sites, be it on PokerTribe.com, our other gaming sites, or in person at any of our gaming facilities.

To insure the highest level of security and fair play on all our online gaming websites, Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma have committed a high standard of security by building our very own in-house software system that will give you access to our social network websites and our fully functional online security systems to protect your account, identity & transactions from around world at our state of the art hosting facilities that we have built right here on the Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma sovereign land.

Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma promise to bring you the best experience available in the offline/online marketplace today and we look forward to hearing all your suggestions to make our online and mobile social network gaming applications more exciting and better overall for you.

Before our international (Real Money Play) launch, coming soon you will enjoy $50,000 (Free Play Credits) in the meantime. You will be able to play all our games, with a single account.

Enjoy this Journey & Our Games,

Honorable Chairman Bobby Walkup
Current Chairman of:
The Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma

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